Mini 5" Bows All Over
Mini 5" Bows All Over
Mini 5" Bows All Over
Mini 5" Bows All Over

Olove Cakes

Mini 5" Bows All Over

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We are in OLOVE with these cutie cakes for Valentine’s Day! These make the perfect little gifts.  

Some info about our 5” Olove Cakes 

  • This cake is extremely moist and topped with a dusting of powered sugar for a little sweetness.
  • We recommend serving it at room temperature.
  • For optimal presentation, serve the same day delivered as the powered sugar will remain intact.
  • This feeds about 1-2 people.

The Original flavour:

  • Ingredients: milk, sugar, organic olive oil, flour, eggs, natural essence, salt, baking powder, baking soda

The Vegan Chocolove flavour: 

  • Ingredients: flour, sugar, organic olive oil, cocoa powder , baking soda, vanilla

The Gluten Free flavour: 

  • Ingredients: almond flour, millet flour, sugar, organic olive oil, eggs, chia, lemon, baking powder, baking soda 
  • Please note this product is produced in a facility that manufactures wheat

This is a 5" Olove Cake, and does not include a bouquet. Only 8" Olove Cakes come with a complimentary small bouquet. 

May contain traces of nuts.