About Us

Olove Cakes was founded by sisters Jeannine and Jennifer Balabanian, and
Sabrina Bachour. This dynamic trio invites Montrealers to discover a new twist
on the classic butter-based cake. Our cakes are infused with organic olive oil,
delicate notes of citrus and cater perfectly to those that prefer lightly sweetened

We know how important presentation is to our clients. That’s why our product
offering also includes luxurious dried flower bouquets, which combined with our
cakes make the perfect gift or decor element when receiving guests.
Our cakes and bouquets come in different sizes and are personalized just for
you. We take our time to craft each order, because we olive you! Being flexible
with our clients is something we pride ourselves on, so please feel free to send
us any of your special requests.

Our brand aesthetic is rustic chic, which can be defined as laidback, romantic,
glamorous combined with natural elements like distressed wood.